Welcome to Our Practice

Doctor Scottsdale, AZ

Endocrine, Pancreatic, Oncologic, Gastrointestinal, Minimally Invasive, Advanced Laparoscopic, and General Surgery

The new practice will start on
January 1st, 2017

The address is
10210 N. 92nd Street Suite #107
Scottsdale, AR 85258.
Phone number: Call 480-264-6820


The dramatic expansion of knowledge and technology in healthcare, and the explosion in information technology has transformed the relationship between the patient and physician. No longer is the patient a passive partner in this relationship. No longer does the patient have to accept an opinion or a treatment simply as a “leap of faith”. Today a patient is, and should be, an active partner with the physician in the provision of healthcare that should be nothing short of excellent. The purpose of the website is to facilitate attaining this goal.

This website provides an in depth introduction to Dr. Van Lier Ribbink. A detailed biography and surgical practice history allows the patient to learn a great deal about him before the first meeting. A detailed listing of the multiple areas of surgical expertise will reassure the patient that he is indeed seeing a surgeon who can take care of his or her particular problem. A review of Dr. Van Lier Ribbink’s continuing medical education activities and professional medical society memberships are additional areas that every patient should be familiar with when choosing a physician.
Specific information regarding means of contacting Dr. Van Lier Ribbink’s office is provided. A link to Map Quest is available to obtain detailed directions to his office which is conveniently located immediately next to HonorHealth Shea Medical Center and the Virginia Piper Cancer Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The website will also contain an expanding patient education section with information on the various surgical problems that Dr. Van Lier Ribbink treats.

Finally, multiple valuable links exponentially expand information resources available.

Certainly the era of the internet age will only improve the quality of healthcare in this new century. This technology, however, should never diminish the importance of the actual personal relationship between the patient and the physician. Dr. Van Lier Ribbink still spends an average of at least 60 minutes with each new patient and 30 minutes with each follow-up patient. The underlying theme of Dr. Van Lier Ribbink’s practice will always remain, “the patient comes first.”